Grade B

Hybrid Ultra Capacitor Jump Starter - Factory Refurbished (Grade B)

£125.00 exc. VAT

£150.00 inc. VAT

  • Innovative capacitor technology, incorporating a 11.1V 2200mAh lithium battery pack to energise unit
  • Digital display and LED front panel to indicate battery voltage, capacitor charge, lithium battery charge, reverse polarity and function selection
  • Features a glow mode for cold starts on diesel engines and a bypass mode for use when vehicle battery is disconnected
  • Simple and safe to use with no long term battery storage issues
  • Can be fully energised in approximately two minutes
  • If the vehicle battery is faulty or holding less than 7V (average) the Sealey/Schumacher Hybrid units can be pre-charged via an internal lithium battery pack, another vehicle’s battery or 12V accessory lead
  • The lithium battery pack can be recharged by a Micro USB charging cable
  • Capable of operating between -40°C and 65°C
  • Compact and lightweight for easier handling and storage, yet still delivers the same result as heavy, bulky, lead acid battery equivalents
  • Fitted with heavy-duty clamps and a rubber boot for durability, the capacitors in these units have in excess of 10,000 starting cycles
  • Condition: Factory Refurbished (Grade B)
  • Availabilty: Out of stock

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