Jasic Weld Helmet 5-13 TCD ADF

£96.67 exc. VAT

£116.00 inc. VAT

•True Colour Technology – Advanced UV/IR filter offers a more realistic viewing experience

•Improved vision with less eye strain provides greater comfort and increased productivity

•Advanced Digital Auto Darkening Filter – Fully variable shade 5-8 & 9-13

•Greater visibility of the weld puddle helps to produce better welds

•Enhanced view of the equipment display to adjust settings (No more head snaps)

•External grinding switch

•Excellent field of vision with a 98mm x 51mm viewing area

•4 welding arc sensors providing maximum detection capabilities

•Rapid response lens with a 0.1ms switching speed

•Adjustable delay function 0.1s – 2.0s to prevent eye dazzle immediately after welding

•Classification: (Optical class: 1, Scattered light: 1, Homogeneity: 1, Angular dependence:2)

•Fully adjustable headgear to ensure a comfortable fit

•”Welding or grinding” process selection modes

•Ultra lightweight, just 536 grams to reduce strain on the neck and head

•Premium grade ‘Montana Orange’ finish to welding mask

•Digital battery status display

•Durable battery life: Approx. 1000 hours (Operating)

•CR2450 – 3V lithium coin cell battery

•Conforms to EN166/175B/379 CE, ANSI Z87.1+ CSA Z94.3, AS/NZS1337/1338

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