Grade A

Rechargeable Pressure Washer 25L 12V - Factory Refurbished (Grade A)

£139.95 exc. VAT

£167.94 inc. VAT

• Rechargeable, lightweight, portable pressure washer which can hold up to 25L of water.
• Ideal for many washing applications, especially where a mains power or water supply is not available, such as car shows, track days, window cleaning or even garden use.
• Features “Automatic Total Stop System” (TSS) which switches the motor on and off when the trigger is operated, prolonging motor life.
• Inside is a removable storage tray to accommodate all the accessories.
• Supplied with 8m hose, variable nozzle lance, detergent bottle and a long fixed brush.
• Detergent can also be added to the main tank which will allow a very good distribution of foam, making washing the car extremely simple and effective.
• Fitted with four wheels, which makes the unit easy to transport.
• Features a strong carry handle.
• Supplied with mains charger and 12V in car charger.

  • SKU: SEAL PW2012R/A
  • Condition: Factory Refurbished (Grade A)
  • Availabilty: In stock
  • Quantity in Stock: 1

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