In addition to brand new products, we also stock Sealey ‘Factory Refurbished’ items here at the Tool Centre.

Factory Refurbished is a term used to describe ex-demo, exhibition, damaged & refurbished products.

All Factory Refurbished stock is also sold with 6 months parts and labour warranty* so you can be assured that any damage on your items is purely cosmetic and won’t effect the functioning of the item.

Due to the nature of these items, they are often one-off items which are individually graded and priced based on their condition, meaning we can give larger discounts on these products than any others!

Items are individually graded on a scale of A-E which will be clearly labelled in store.

A – New items with damaged or no packaging, may be assembled.

B – Light cosmetic damage.

C – Items are either ex-display, carrier damaged or refurbished products.

D – Items have had medium use, worn parts or heavy damage.

E – Items well used or heavily damaged.

Please note these gradings are used only as a guideline and items may not always exactly conform to the details of their grade. It is advisable to view Factory Refurbished products, or request pictures before purchasing.

*General warranty terms and conditions still apply. See for further information.


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