Here at the Tool Centre we aim to compete with low internet prices by utilising the option of a ‘Pay Now’ price – by paying upfront instead of placing an item on a credit account we offer a reduced price which may be cheaper than you can find online, making that product an ‘Internet Beater’. We price check all our products against the internet and aim to either match or beat the price.

Whilst all our prices listed on tags in store are nett (excluding VAT) we compare our prices including VAT with those on the internet to ensure our ‘Internet Beating’ products match or beat the internet at their VAT-inclusive total.

When shopping with us, we’ve made it even easier to identify when you’re getting a great price by using ‘Internet Beater’ stickers. However, please note although we price check frequently we can’t guarantee that items marked ‘Internet Beater’ are always correct due to the competitive nature of internet shopping.

Although we price check all our items against the internet, we’re unable to match or beat every price online however there are still plenty of advantages when shopping with us in store such as: you’re able to take your item away same-day; should you have any trouble with an item you have a reputable company to return it to and organise your warranty; there will always be someone on hand to help and advise you when making a purchase.

If you have any queries regarding ‘Internet Beating’ products, please email


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