When shopping with us in store you may notice a lot of items have two prices listed. These are labelled ‘Account’ and ‘Pay Now’. Please note all our prices listed are nett, excluding VAT.

At the Tool Centre we aim to bring you a better deal when paying for and collecting an item from store instead of placing on a credit account and having an item delivered.

Account prices aren’t increased, instead our ‘Pay Now’ prices are reductions on items which aren’t available at our main warehouse.

Account customers can still enjoy existing price-terms when shopping at the Tool Centre.

The higher value an item is, the more we will knock off for a ‘Pay Now’ price.

Customers paying up front for an item which they would like to be delivered, may in some cases pay a delivery fee via the ‘Account’ price instead. Similarly, account customers who choose to collect items from store may receive a ‘Pay Now’ price when placing an item on a credit account.

If you have any questions regarding our pricing system, please email us at info@toolcentrecarlisle.co.uk


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